Friday, November 8, 2013

New 10% Discount in the Bundle

Frog God Games has kicked more into the Bundle of Holding. A 10% discount on anything bought through the Frog God Games website -- including physical books (although the 10% discount doesn't apply to the shipping, just the books you buy).

Depending on what you buy, that could almost pay for the cost of the bundle right there.

We also added a pdf copy of Cyclopean Deeps #1. That is clearly a gateway-drug kind of thing, so, yeah. It's intended to suck you into buying the rest of the series as it comes out. I am currently working on #6 out of 12.


  1. I already went in for the bundle the first day, so I'm glad to see the extra goodies! Thanks! Just a quick perusal of Cyclopean Deeps looks quite intriguing...

    Do the print products from Frog God Games come with PDFs?

  2. Just a short, somewhat related question: Do you know about a, official or unofficial, shroom conversion for Pathfinder? ;)