Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two Awesome Things

The first awesome thing is a set of maps -- made by the party mapper during play -- of the Tomb of the Iron God. Check these out at Roles, Rules & Rolls!

The second awesome thing is still a secret, and it's not about the monster book I'm working on for OSRIC. That's going to be awesome too, but it's not what I'm working on today. Too much awesome, not enough time.


  1. Speaking of too much awesome and not enough time, any status update on the S&W version of Rappan Athuk?

  2. That's the fourth awesome thing. I think there will be some news on that in a couple days to a week.

    Basically, I think all the new levels are written, the Pathfinder guys are doing conversions, the back-to-basics conversions are mainly done for the Swords & Wizardry version.

    Editing is under way, art is underway, and so is cartography, but these are all still unfinished.

    In other words, it's moving along, and might start pre-orders in early March (late April if there's a minor miracle).

  3. As the guy doing the back to basics conversions for S&W ... mainly done might be a little too strong. But I'm making headway - I think I'll be done in another 10 days.

  4. If you ask me, your post-appendix awesome is well deserved.