Monday, April 30, 2012

Tomorrow is the First Day of the Rest of my Life

Tomorrow I will be allowed to lift more than 30lbs, which means I can really start the recovery from surgery. I've managed to run 6 miles, but it's really the recovery of muscle and losing fat that's the issue here. I will step into the gym tomorrow and get started. Looking forward to it.

My gaming stuff is getting more active too, although I'm in that period where virtually everything is a secret project, and one starts to feel like Maxwell Smart...


  1. Chief! Activating the Cone of Silence ;)

  2. Great news! Continued good luck with the recovery!

  3. Good luck with the recovery!

    I had a shoulder surgery about five weeks ago myself and after having it immobilized all that time, the muscles are gone. What's even worse, I cannot reach my face, the arm hangs quite limp, and finding a good sleeping position became a real issue.

    I envy You being able to lift things! I cannot even support the weight of my cat ;).

  4. @behir: I hear you on the sleeping position; I had to arrange pillows like a fort to get exactly the right position where the pain was the least. I reproduced that pillow fort exactly, every night, for a month.