Friday, October 14, 2011

Zazzle t-shirt sale

Zazzle is doing an awesome discount on t-shirts with a really irritating deadline. Four hours.

Order a t-shirt in 4 hours and get 50% off, order this weekend after that and get 20% off.

So if you're quick, and you've played in my Mythrus Tower campaign, grab the Erol Otus campaign t-shirt fast. The link is

That brings the price down to about $15, which is cheap. Sorry about the short time frame. The coupon code is OCTSHIRTFFHS


  1. Zazzle is acting up. Won't let me order one. Did you just take the site down with this massive rush for your shirt?

  2. Yah, it wouldn't let me order one either. Way to go, Zazzle, post a super-short high pressure sale and then crash out. Grr.

  3. Working now - 3:06pm Central time