Monday, October 3, 2011

Taking submissions for Knockspell Magazine #7

Although I'm also working frenetically on a couple of other projects, I've reached the chronological point in time when I must start working on Issue #7 or discover in the future that I've totally bollixed up the schedule for releasing the next issue. This is why I don't sell subscriptions :)

If anyone has some really cool and phenomenal ideas that would work well as articles, please contact me at mythmere at yahoo dot com. I'm particularly interested in getting some articles about the state of our OOP/OSR hobby that are not specifically gaming resources, such as convention reports, news about upcoming conventions, thoughts about being a gamer who isn't playing the current edition, etc. That isn't to say that I don't want resources -- I still want resources to be about 90% of the magazine, but I'd also like for it to have a slightly more "magazine-y" feel to it as a counterpoint to the resources.

Advertising in the magazine remains free for anyone who happens to fall into my completely subjective view about what the "OSR" is about. That definitely means old-school conventions, blogs that focus on OOP D&D or on retroclones, websites and message boards ditto, and free or for-profit publishers of resources for ditto. Stuff like dice, battlemats, and most miniatures would get charged something nominal, just to create a slight filter against having general gaming advertisements outweigh the hobby side.

I do not have submission guidelines, other than just emailing me at mythmere at yahoo dot com.

I hope to hear from everyone!



  1. What is the deadline for submissions, Matt?

  2. Akrasia, I'd say a couple of months. How about setting the deadline at December 1?