Thursday, October 15, 2015

Borderland Provinces Kickstarter Launch

We're launching Lost Lands: Borderland Provinces Kickstarter today! The Borderlands are the campaign world containing Rappan Athuk and the Lost City of Barakus, plus several other Necromancer Games books from the d20 era. Not only that, it also links up the long-awaited northwest route from these areas to the city of Bard’s Gate, and ultimately connects Bard’s Gate to the campaign area described in Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms and the Domain of Hawkmoon.

A bare-bones pdf resource for the campaign is $12 (although this is only for a very do-it-yourself DM). The main campaign book is $35 plus shipping, and there are also tons of additional resources that can be added like an a la carte sort of menu.

I wrote this one based on outlines from Greg Vaughan's canon of Necromancer Games, and I'm really hoping that the lower price-point (which I really pushed) and the centrality of the area will make this the biggest Kickstarter we've ever done. It's also the first setting material that we've done for 5e as well as PFRPG and S&W, which I think will interest a lot of people.

Because it's a printing of multiple versions, this has a very high funding goal relative to the price of the books, so I'm biting my nails a little bit about meeting the goal. If you're a Necromancer fan, a Frog God fan, or just looking for good campaign resources, please come take a look. (My credibility on the whole "print a smaller book, price it low, and people will come" strategy is at stake...)

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