Saturday, August 4, 2012

Jeff Dee art; your ideas?

On the Swords & Wizardry Kickstarter, we just hit the bonus goal at which we're going to send a "Dungeon-Making Kit" of pencil and graph paper pad along with the books -- the graph paper is going to have a spot illustration by Jeff Dee on it.

My initial assumption for the topic of this illustration (small, in corner of page) was that it would be a compass rose, but I realized that the internet as a whole might come up with a cooler idea for what ought to be on a sheet of mapping paper.

Thoughts? Ideas?

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  1. I wouldn't do the compass rose, because of orientation issues.

  2. Morgan Ironwolf vs. Red Sonja

    You're welcome Old School Renaissancers

  3. How about Morgan Ironwolf vs. Aleena the Cleric...

  4. (Insert your favorite monster here) greedily guarding a treasure chest.

  5. So how about 2 pads of paper with the compass rose oriented portrait-wise on one and landscape-wise on the other?

  6. no, it should be one of those flip things ... like Dee's awesome Rogues' Gallery illo of the mage casting FB at teh kobolds. Start with one pic, and as you fan the graph pages, the Fireball (or whatever) gathers speed to make an explosion at the end (or something like that). Interactive, baby!

  7. Bell bottoms or Leave the Hall!

  8. I would suggest one of the following:

    Pudgy gnome sitting on a D20.

    Gnome busy with surveying equipment.

    Gnome busy with cartographers tools.