Friday, March 23, 2012

This is excellent.

I'm still not doing so well at my own creativity at the moment, so it's time to start showcasing cool stuff that other people have-done/are-doing.

Online hireling generator at This just got posted at K&KA, probably other places as well, and it's worth playing with. To really get the benefit of it, you'd need to be using a computer at the gaming table, which I don't (and I know many others also don't). Nevertheless, you could print up a bunch of pre-gens very quickly.


  1. I use it all the time. Before a session, I usually just run it a couple times and print them out. I randomly grab one of my sheets out of the binder when the players want to hire someone.

  2. Thanks Matt.

    Actually Meatshields has been around for a bit, such that we are planning an update to the interface and content. It's underway, but we don't have a date in it yet. cr0m and I are always interested in feedback to make it better.

  3. I use this for the Hill Cantons all the time to generate hirelings. Great stuff and big kudos to Kiltedyaksman and crom for putting it out there.