Saturday, December 24, 2011

Black Monastery Censored!

...Well, kind of. And not for us, anyway. However, one of the illustrations of a statue in Black Monastery happens to be anatomically correct, which isn't allowable under the Pathfinder license. So in the Pathfinder version of Black Monastery, the statue's penis is going to be blacked out. The Swords & Wizardry license has no anti-penis provisions, especially on statues, so there won't be any change to the old-school edition of the module.

I don't have any problem with Paizo's license provisions; I can definitely see why they'd want to have a clear rule to prevent anything like the d20 Book of Erotic Fantasy being published with their trademark on it. Fortunately the books hadn't actually been printed yet, so the only loss was suffered by the statue.

Black Monastery information/purchase page.


  1. Well than I'm definitely getting the S&W version!!1 ;)

    ...when I'm done university :(

    Um, how many copies have been printed?

  2. Wow, seriously? So: scantily-clad pleasure girls getting their arm violently chopped off (blood spraying, arm flying off, hand still clutching a lute) are okay (Pathfinder GameMastery Guide illustration on page 228 - 229), but an anatomically correct gargoyle (tastefully done, I might add) is not? Pathfinder also has plenty of FFIUAs (female fighters in unreasonable armor).

    Man, our standards are backwards.

  3. Here is the problem, you say anatomically correct, but the text clearly states "the equipment must be constructed according to geometries that are impossible under normal physical laws." All those FFIUAs (per Brendan) have serious reason to fear this thing...

  4. Dithering Fool -- BRILLIANT, LMAO!

  5. Stone willies causing licensing problems?! Save vs. Phallicophobia.
    Now, I'm really intrigued as to the angle of the problem. Please tell me it's an angle problem. :D
    Protect the gentle eyes of the younger players, mutilate some monsters as a distraction ...
    Oh, well, it's important to keep the game/logo owners happy, I guess.

  6. Since I've never really had a desire to look upon someone else's phallus (stone gargoyle or otherwise) it makes no difference to me, and I certainly understand Paizo's requirement. But if it's really that important to view said phallus, I guess a Pathfinder player and/or GM could get the S&W PDF then print the desired illustration and add it to the Pathfinder printed version. Or even expand the drawing to whatever size they'd want.

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