Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ongoing 10% Tabletop Library Sale
Another little news item -- Tabletop Library has an ongoing 10% off sale until the end of the month, with the discount code EXTRA-10. Virtually every digital product on the site is part of the sale. Also, the publishers are getting an extra 10% cut to offset the sale, so there's no downside for them if you load up on everything you can fit into a digital cart.

For those who are trying to evaluate the costs and benefits of publishing for 5e under the Open Game License or under the DM Guild License, may I recommend the following:

And for a Swords & Wizardry adventure, the estimable Guy Fullerton can always be relied upon:

BTW, if you buy something and like it, REVIEW it. Even a short 5-star review can be an immense help to the publishers.

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