Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Name of the Rose (or, of the blog)
So it might not be visible to everyone, but I've changed the name of my blog from Mythmere's Blog to Finch's Folio. The reason is that some of my RPG interests have shifted a bit from just writing about gaming to writing about the RPG market in general. Partly that's because I got fascinated with the whole "guild" approach going on at OneBookShelf ... I'm quite against it, by the way, but that's another story.

Anyway, I'm going to be writing on a different mix of topics than before, although still lots of purely gaming stuff. I got affiliated with Tabletop Library over the course of the last couple of months (again, an indirect result of the restrictive "Guild" system), so I'll have various comments on that.

In the meantime, for any readers who have their own blogs, take a look at the affiliate program at TTL and see if you'd like to participate. The link to set up an affiliate account (if you're already registered) is (or HERE). If you're not registered, the home page is

More later!


  1. Matt, what is it about the Guild that bothers you?

  2. I emailed Tabletop Library about my ebook a while ago, but they never wrote back.

  3. Remedy, the problem with the guild is that you effectively surrender all intellectual property rights to OBS when you submit something. You can only EVER sell the product or even a derivative of the product on OBS. It ties people in too tightly, and takes too much.

  4. anarchist - email me at mythmere at yahoo dot com. We had some emails fall into the cracks when we were changing over webmasters, and yours might have been one of those.

  5. I appreciate the response, and that makes complete sense.