Monday, October 2, 2017

OSR October Spring

I had an idea about how to "reboot" tension in the OSR G+ community, and then I scaled it back to just me and what I was going to do. Since I made some notes on the idea in general, here's what they are. Also, link to the video where I discuss it is below:

The idea was to do two things: a personal set of objectives for communication, and a set of objectives for content.

The communication objectives were (are):
1) Reward content with comments
2) Give only constructive criticism, and only if asked for.
3) Avoid jumping into any disputes.

The content objectives followed one rule: don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Post what you're working on already, not something designed specifically for posting, and don't worry about whether it's perfect.

The ideas I had for that were:
picture of gaming in progress
terrain picture
piece of art/sketch, good or not
a piece of art you like (Here I mean sharing a cool piece not your own)
a selfie of you and your favorite D&D thing. I have to dig out the plush bulette

Game Content: Not polished, but including as possibilities:
magic item
adventure hook
DM tip
player tip

Community content:
Mention and link to some favorite posters (not a top-ten type list, though)
positive review on a favored piece of work, even if from the far past
collaborate on written content with a sketch-person.

Overall focus is on fun value, not production value.

Just my thoughts. :)


  1. Sounds good. Game content is always appreciated. I certainly prefer it over promoting products, spats between personalities and deep theories about how RPGs "should" be played.

  2. thank you for this your broadcast provided bright clear concept..

  3. Great to see you posting on the blog again! (I was starting to worry something might have happened to you---our OSR icon.)

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  5. Subscribed to your 'Gamer Radio' channel - kudos for setting it up :)
    Apologies for being a stranger, but new job and the commitments it brings has left me with little free time of late.

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