Saturday, April 25, 2015

AD&D Modules (2) for Childrens Hospital Charity

I know there's always a lurking suspicion that something done for charity isn't high quality. In this case, it's high quality.

Here's a chance to pick up two AD&D modules and have the proceeds go to research at a Children's Hospital. Everyone involved did their work for free, I've read it, and it's stellar. 

Art is great (I love Jason Sholtis's eerie, dark, pen/ink work), writing is spot-on, cartography is very high quality, and adventures are excellent. The second adventure is a one-level lead in for you to add levels below if you choose (so be warned, it's "incomplete"), and the first module is complete in and of itself.  This would be worth buying even if it were being sold purely for profit.

It's pay-what-you-want, but since it's a for-charity effort, please pay something for it. Half-price if you must, full price if you can, and something in between if $5 is a stretch for you. I paid $2.50, because my gaming budget doesn't cover enough modules for me to afford the full $5. If yours does, $5 is a very fair price for these two modules.